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Hello, we are GivingBrandsEnergy?

A boutique creative agency based in Rotterdam. We are storytellers, we look at the subject in different ways and create visual messages which trigger people. 

Life is hectic and everything happens so fast. We want to be part of this hectic world and help to shape the world becoming a place where it is nice living. To do that we reach out to people by making creative communication.

Our team is always looking for an original approach with an authentic message. Together with the client, we find the right approach for each campaign.

And yet, we all are different. We are game players, cat lovers and dog-owners. We are whitty, jokers and calm. We love pizza and yet we don’t. We love expensive cars and yet we come to work by bicycle.

Our strength lies in our differences. This is what brings us together. Together we make a difference. What we love to do is helping people and connecting them. We are doing this by creative communication. How can we help you?

Our mission is to create great work for brands and help them inspire, engage and activate their audience.


Strategy is our starting point to create a distinctive (social media) campaign. We will go down this path together with the customer and bring all questions together to arrive at a creative proposal.


Since 1996, creation has been the heart of the agency. We are creative people at heart and only stop when we are 115% satisfied. We do this in our own studio (we make, film, photograph, edit and design social content) or we work together with freelancers.


In order for a (social media) campaign to succeed with the public, they must be inspired, involved and actively participate. Over the past 20 years, we have built up an extensive track record in activation.
01. Advertising
03. Website development
02. Design and branding
04. Social media content
Video afspelen
05. Explainer animations