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Our mission is to create great work for brands and help them inspire, engage and activate their audience.

Our stories

Infographics: your options

31 January 2018


25 January 2018


22 January 2018

Elite Mode

18 January 2018


18 January 2018

De Volharding

18 August 2017


31 January 2016

Het Kindpakket

28 July 2015

We are storytellers, we look at the subject in different ways and create campaigns which trigger people. We know what is happening in the world. Life is hectic and everything happens so fast. With our stories we bring emotion to the motion. To do that we reach out to people by making creative campaigns with a personal touch.

Meet our team

Fritiof Eriksson

Art Director

Our art director, Fritiof Eriksson BNO (The Association of Dutch Designers), is a real pro with 20 years of experience. He creates in an innovative way, from the heart with audicity. This results in great campaigns, customer satisfaction and a lot of happy clients.

Valerie van Niel


Our copywriter, Valerie van Niel, knows how to use words brilliantly. Creating awareness, she knows how to persuade the target audience and how to influence them. With her knowledge of Graphic Design, she unites graphics and copy into a powerful creative tool.

Kahlil Bérénos

Creative Thinker

Kahlil Bérénos is our creative thinker. In his world, no is not an option. He thinks out of every imaginary frame, is always looking for ways to be innovative. Working on creative ideas and yet at the same time, he looks for usability.

mr Ghuislaine Janzen

Account Director

Advising companies how to reach their target audience by visualizing their messages and creating customer satisfaction, is what Ghuislaine Janzen loves to do. She is interested in the personal aspect and always aims at getting the best results for her clients.

Call us on +31 (0)70 326 89 20 or mail Ghuislaine Janzen: ghuislaine@gbe.nl. Talk to you soon!