What is GivingBrandsEnergy?

We are an independent creative agency working on the edge of advertising, branding, design and film. The essence of our daily work is that we all take great pleasure in telling visual stories which make a difference.

We are storytellers, we look at the subject in different ways and create campaigns which trigger people. We know what is happening in the world surrounding us. Life is hectic and everything happens so fast. We want to be part of this hectic world and help to shape the world becoming a place where it is nice living. To do that we reach out to people by making creative communication with a personal touch.

We are focussed on the personal aspect. We are moved by people, what is triggering them, how to reach the person inside. By being authentic, being the person, you really are. Say, what you think and act accordingly. We all share this passion.

And yet, we all are different. We are gamers, cat lovers and dog-owners. We are witty, jokers and calm. We love pizza’s and yet we don’t. We love expensive cars and yet we come to work by bicycle.

Our strength lies in our differences. This is what brings us together. Together we make a difference. What we love to do is helping people and connecting them. We are doing this by creative communication. We are GivingBrandsEnergy.



The campaign was shared on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.After being situated at the Willem Royaardsplein in The Hague for twenty years, fashionstore Elite Mode moved to the Frederik Hendriklaan in March 2017.


Behulpzaam, duidelijk en transparant. Dat is gemeente Zoetermeer. Al meer dan tien jaar werken we met veel plezier samen aan uiteenlopende campagnes en promotionele acties van de gemeente. De kers op de taart is de restyling van de gemeentelijke huisstijl in 2012.



How do we make our children aware of the danger that awaits them on the road? How to prevent them from accidents? Every year a project ‘Veilig op Weg! Blijf uit de dode hoek’ is organised to learn the children about the blind spot behind trucks, buses and agricultural vehicles.