Our mission is to create great work for brands and help them inspire, engage and activate their audience.

About GivingBrandsEnergy

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? Because I’m never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. If you think me the spiritual child of Rick Astley and Lionel Richie, you’re wrong. Then who am I? GivingBrandsEnergy! A boutique creative agency so close to Palace Noordeinde, you’d almost think me royalty. But I am king nor monarch, rule no country and build no empires. Instead, I build brands. Strong brands you experience and feel. Brands with meaning. I will help you build upon the principles of creativity and compassion. So if it’s me you’re looking for, please stay. Together we’ll build.

Our way of working

Tell me what you want, what you really really want. Any request concerning creativity you can adres to me and my team. We are committed and involved. For us, customer satisfaction is like a peanut butter jelly sandwich. We would eat that for breakfast every single day. Alright, maybe we should tune down the metaphors a little and tell you all about the way we work. Four steps define our approach: preparation, creation, implementation and evaluation.

Step 1: preparation

Every project, big and small, starts of with the appropriate preparations. We come together, you tell us all about what you really really want and we’ll tell you what we can really really realize.

Step 2: creation

After briefing and debriefing, we’ll start with the creation of a concept. Here, we shape our combined thoughts into the perfect plan, using creativity and adding flavor to the dish. Because who wants to eat fries without mayonnaise? Allow us to pimp your potato!

Step 3: implementation

Implementation, good ol’ hard work! Here you test our mettle and find our promise to be truth. We realize your concept and wishes into product, fine-tune our work and involve you as much (or not so much) as you prefer!

Step 4: evaluation & CRM

Evaluation is important. Why? Because customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal in our service. Client is king at GivingBrandsEnergy. “Does the result pleases Milord?” Of course we hope and often assume that it will please your lord- or ladyship. If not, we’ll try again!

New Business

Fritiof Eriksson
Art Director
Phone: +31 (0)70 326 89 20
Email: fritiof@givingbrandsenergy.com

We are all creative in different ways. And as a team our different ways of creative thinking complete each other to make great work.

We are a creative agency working on the edge of advertising, design and film.

We want to build an uncomplicated, trustworthy long-term relationships with you and are not afraid to challenge decisions to achieve the best results possible.