Cool, swag and yolo, organisations are trying really hard to push the right buttons with today’s youth.  Often futile – the more forced the attempt, the more devastating the effect will be on the target audience.  GivingBrandsEnergy knows how to reach young people in the right way.

How do you reach young people whose opinions change every day? For this young demographic, sharing their opinion is of utmost importance. Young people move away from their parents’ ideas and the ideas of the established order and priorities constantly change.  Many agencies and companies make the mistake of trying to be part of this culture.  

They make the common mistake of trying to ‘know’ what the group considers to be cool -while in reality the point is missed entirely by creating mega campaigns that don’t hit off at all. To reach this complicated target audience you have to know what this group considers to be important.  You have to know how to become an ally without being forceful – speaking their language and relating to them by stepping into their world. You need to pick up on new trends while they are still red hot to create a successful campaign.

Successful youth marketing in the world of young people is often word of mouth. They surely want to know if the group likes that new YouTube video or which establishment plays the best music. 

Social media has now become an indispensable medium. Sharing information with as many people as possible has never been so easy. In the Netherlands, demographically, young people spend the most time online, especially on social media.  To successfully communicate with this target group, there is no way around social media anymore. You can reach the larger part of this group by advertising.  Twitter and Facebook can be used to discover what people think of your product.  Many young people will post their opinions of all kinds of products… sometimes the reviews are positive, but more often negative. You can curb this negative feedback by being smart. With an online customer service a lot of questions can be answered and promises for improvement can be made.

The importance of a solid target audience

It may sound like a cliché but our youth is the future. When they have a positive experience with a brand, they will be loyal to it for a long time to come.  Making young people excited about your product or service early on, is of an utmost importance. This has to be done in a positive way of course. If you win the trust of our youth you will win their dedication, like you would with a puppy.

Our experience

In the years of developing different successful youth campaigns, we have gained a lot of necessary experience.  We are skilled in connecting new trends to a campaign or advertising. Our last youth campaign involving the work-study check in the municipality of Zoetermeer is still a huge success, partly by linking the campaign to the trend of the moment: Youth be like! 

Do you want to know more about youth marketing or are you curious about what GivingBrandsEnergy can do for you? Make an appointment! The coffee and cappuccino are always freshly brewed.