Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

Boutique creative agency since 1996

GivingBrandsEnergy is a boutique creative agency based in Rotterdam. With enthusiasm and lot of pleasure we create campaigns for social organizations, government and commercial parties.

Our team is always looking for an original idea with an unadulterated message. Together with our client, we find the approach for each challenge. We use the human scale in all our campaigns and get energy from the social and societal aspect of our work.

We see, feel and know what is going on, both in the vicinity and in the bigger picture. Involvement and passion in image and word. Whether you are looking for strategists, creatives, copywriters, filmmakers, storytellers, vloggers, content makers, social media experts, illustrators, animators, editors, music producers, graphic designers, gamers, entrepreneurs or Sparky our Scottish terrier by GivingBrandsEnergy you are at the right place?

We are all creative in different ways. And as a team our different ways of creative thinking complete each other to make great work.

Our working method

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want. A new idea or creative concept? Then you’ve come to the right place! It is always said: “life is a party, you just have to hang the garlands yourself”. Then let us be your pendulum! Together we build an appealing campaign! How do we do that? Preparation, creation, implementation and last but not least evaluation.

Step 1: preparation

With us, every project starts with an appropriate moment of reflection and the development of a tailor-made plan. We are good listeners; you tell us very precisely or very vaguely what you want to do. Of course you want a campaign with laser dinosaurs and interplanetary wars, right? Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer, temper that fantasy a bit. In the meantime, we will tell you what you can expect from us. We do this by means of a briefing and debriefing, at your office, simply with us or via Google Meet!

Step 2: creation

Do we get a GO? then let’s go! We start by presenting a concept from our own kitchen. Once agreed, our creatives get to work. And that is basically the same as preparing a good dish: a solid base with a little spice, topped with a creative sauce. Because who wants to eat fries without mayonnaise? Our chefs come from all corners of the globe and all bring their own expertise.

Step 3: implementation

Of course we are not only good at coming up with a campaign. You are also at the right place for the implementation! The output of something new does not always go according to plan; anything can go wrong! That is why we opt for the golden mean: we provide sufficient structure and handles, but leave plenty of room for flexibility. Expect the unexpected!

Step 4: evaluation

Actually, we do not need to explain this. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us: if you are not satisfied, we will just try again. Until you say: this is em!